Bi Color LED Driver Circuit | Using 555 Timer IC | DIY | Easy | 5mm LED | Electronic Project

555 Timer has very popular due to its vast number of application and since it generate output pulse on and off so it can be use to drive a bi color led the timing of on and off can be adjusted with the help of a capacitor and resistor formula

Bi Color led can be used to decorate multiple thing and this project is very small and easy to make you can do so many cool thing with this 555 timer ic .Please checkout our older post in 555 timer project OR archives


  • 1. NE55 Timer IC
  • 2. Bi Color LED
  • 3. 10uf Capacitor
  • 4. 33k Resistor
  • 5. 4.7k Resistor
  • 6. 10k Resistor
  • 7. 220 Resistor
  • 8. BC557
  • 9. 9V Battery + Clip
  • 10. Breadboard
  • 11. Jumper Wires


bi color led circuit diagram
bi color led circuit diagram


Hi in this circuit 555 timer ic is use to generate a specific pulse at output pin number 3 this pulse will give high and low signal due to which the bi color led glow once red and once green a transistor is used to amplify the output current to drive led

You can set any delay for ON OFF using different value of capacitors


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